Inter-dimensional adventures of an occasional time traveller and part-time illustrator.
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BarnOrthrus loved to feel the wind on their faces. The freedom to cruise to any dimension they wanted. Not a care in the world. Except… left head seemed to remember something about looking after a herd of red cattle and some guy called Schmercules… what was that! A ball!!!?

Was it left at the slime mould or right? Philosophically speaking it was probably a shift left to the dimension next door. Rouch mulled his options. Maybe the slime mould mulled its options too. When contemplating inter-dimensional travel it was best to let chance guide your hands and the 76 Merc do the thinking. 

Cjlif’s spots were tubgling, a sure sign something wasn’t right. He gripped the wheel and tensed. The Snowman ambassador might be in trouble and the AC unit was acting up. Did the PRO-ASGW sabotage it? Regardless, things were about to get spicy. 

Tentantippos the DESTROYER (Terrance) really hoped their strawberry mint froyo didn’t melt before the galactic convergence. The last thing their suede lederhosen needed was more stains. The Vitchen Council of Bitchen Rad Dudes That Like Icecream (VCBRDTLI) was pretty picky when it came to allowing you to ride the lightening. 

Jovch tired of the grind. So much witching, so many believers to deal with. A general purpose exfoliating curse would work, but at what cost… banks of skin flakes. Would that be so bad?

Bridget was concerned. Her coven needed one more witch for the coveted bakers dozen, lucky13. If only she hadn’t eaten the last two juicy contenders. Random thoughts like these haunted her as she drove to Costco for the bulk peanut butter and q-tip deal. 

Should have brought the pistol.

The Pollinatrex

Shhhhh, just dreams now. I can tell you from personal experience that you most definitely should take that nap. Watch out for the grumpy quadrabots and pointy crystals. In the end you will probably just get a sliver, but could also end up enlightened. Most likely a sliver though…

Random green crystal. Genuinely good for: Harmony, growth, renewal, space neuralgia, sciatica, tribble mites, lame back, lumbago, killer-bot mitosis.

The watchers head over to the tall badlands and scare the crap out of the locals. We can use the new LED sound system. Pink noise for everyone. 

Did anyone hear the commotion 3000 years ago? Horus and Bastet took the pyramid for a spin and started a new religion, then turned everyone’s clock ahead 1000 hrs. Next time try parking on the dark side of the moon instead of the desert side of the Nile. I’m not tired enough to make this shit up. 

Spaghetti time down on the Valles Marineris for joe and the the rest of the crew wasn’t always a walk in the park. Just last week we lost Bob when he stopped to feed his Aerok, if you know what I mean. 


Hinterland Who’s Who. Puberty Crow – Earlier this spring our neighbourhood had an awkward crow visitor. This young, up-and-coming, pre-teen serenaded us daily with a cracking, puberty drenched, AAH! Which was promptly imitated by the local teenage scooter gang. Don’t worry, he soon became a man and is now the stud of Still Creek.

Hinterland Who’s High. Hison, that’s who. Found in the wilds of the BC’s central interior and migrating to the sunshine coast for the mild winters, lifties, and best buds. These chill creatures can survive all across Canada and most states.

Who’s Your Trail Daddy?